Boutique Audio Post Production Facility in Manchester, servicing both local and international clients.

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Our Audio Craftsmen have been building precise and innovative soundscapes for over 10 years for Film, Television, and Commercials. 


Besides the technical prowess that every post facility needs, creative direction and storytelling are at the core of every soundtrack that we deliver.

"It was a true collaboration and I enjoyed the time spent developing the design before we reached final mix. Alex actually cares about the project and that really came across, nothing felt like too much trouble."




Our sTUDIO Facilities

Stephenson Suite

Inspired by the British inventor of the steam locomotive, Stephenson provides a sound design, editorial and mix environment for Film, Commercial and Television projects.


Stephenson includes cutting-edge, time aligned 5.1 HEDD monitoring centered around a Slate Raven touchscreen mixer.


Purpose built for client mix reviews and creative direction.

Graham Bell Suite

Modeled on the British visionary responsible for the telephone and decibel, Graham Bell provides a space for sound editorial and premix for a variety of multimedia projects.


Graham Bell includes a crystal clear Dynaudio monitoring system for precise and efficient sound editing and mixing.


Designed for independent work and client attended sessions.

ArkWright Suite

Built with influence from the British innovator who devised industrial mills, Arkwright allows us to record precise VO, ADR and Foley for a multitude of projects.


Arkwright includes an acoustically treated sound booth with a selection of industry standard microphones.


Tailor made for capturing and recreating excellent performances.

We Are...


Hailing from Great Britain, our Audio Craftsmen take great pride in making each project the best it can be, and providing excellent service. Manchester is our home, and our studio is inspired by the industrial heritage of the city.


Our facility has convenient travel links for both local and international visitors, and offers free parking:


20 minutes from Manchester City Centre

10 minutes from the M60 Motorway

20 minutes from Manchester Airport

5 minutes from bus/train/metro station



Each of our rooms has been developed and planned from the ground up to foster creativity at the highest level. Our equipment and expertise allow us to work on creating your sonic vision, whilst breaking down time-consuming technical barriers.


We are currently working towards a greener future. Our studio is paperless, and most of our furniture is hand built by us, from reclaimed wood or recycled materials. We use energy saving light bulbs and switch off all of our equipment when not in use. 


Production Partners

The following companies & films have entrusted us with their sonic vision.