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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

REVIEW: Vintage Buttons, Switches & Mini Mechanicals.

Company: Effectsworks

Product: Vintage Buttons and Mini Mechanicals

Price: $38

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Vintage Buttons, Switches & Mini Mechanicals is a sound effects library from that covers an extensive selection of switches, bolts, buttons, hand-operated gadgets, gizmos and tools.

Huge Variety

Vintage Buttons, Switches & Mini Mechanicals combines high fidelity and meticulous recording with a vintage aesthetic and massive variety. This library gives you access to a huge assortment of sounds covering many different subjects and types of commonly used objects.

The sounds are extremely well recorded and have a unique character to them. Effectsworks have clearly gone the extra mile when it comes to finding interesting types of buttons and mechanisms to record, and you will have no shortage of captivating sounds to use in your projects.

What you get

This library contains a total of 235 high quality sound effects in 96kHz 24 bit Wav format. All sounds were recorded using a Neumann KMR 81i and received light dynamics processing through Izotope RX7.

In their own words, here is Effectsworks giving a brief background on this library:

"This pack contains over 1400 sounds sourced from a variety of vintage gear from the 1970s and 80s, ranging from old analogue sound equipment to obscure kitchen tools. This pack works great for Foley or just as sonic inspiration and would be ideal for use in games or movies.

All samples were recorded at high-spec to enable high quality pitch shifting and easy sample manipulation. Also where possible all sounds were recorded in a treated studio for maximum sound isolation." Just some of the subjects covered within this vast library include:

Alarm clocks

Phone handles and switches

Keypads & buttons

Metal bolts

Reel to reel tape recorders

Vintage cameras

Suitcase handles & locks

Flashlights Paddocks Seatbelts from various vehicles & aircraft As you can see, there is a massive variety of content contained in this library, making it highly usable through a range of different types of projects.

Neumann KMR 81i used to record this library.

Where we would use it

We really like how "grounded" the sounds in this library are. Everything has a raw and realistic texture to it that is brilliant for "grounding" a scene and making character prop interactions feel genuine. We would use this library to cover character interactions with buttons and mechanical props, as well as a starting point for more heavily designed sounds.

Given the large amount of variety, this library is well suited for use across a wide array of projects and genres. Having a large bank of interesting and unique button and mechanism sounds will be extremely useful considering that these kind of effects will be needed across most films in one scene or another.

We would recommend this library to any audio professional who is looking to expand their sound effect collections, and is looking for some really strong mechanical based sfx. This product would also be useful for game audio designers to use for interactable objects, or anything involving buttons, levers and switches.

The Bottom Line

Vintage Buttons, Switches & Mini Mechanicals gives you a ton of variety for a very accessible price. The technical execution of the recordings is very strong, and we love how authentic and unique the sounds in this library are. This product is a highly worthwhile addition to any sound designers toolbox and should have its place on everyone's shopping list.

You can purchase Vintage Buttons, Switches & Mini Mechanicals here:


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