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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

REVIEW: SPCTRL EQ From Tonsturm.

Tonsturm have established themselves as a company who like to break the mould when it comes to their effects plug ins, offering users something a little different from the norm in terms of both the design and functionality of their products.

Today we are excited to bring you our review for their new SPCTRL EQ plug in. This tool, which combines elements of an EQ and a filter, gives users unapparelled control and precise manipulation of the frequency spectrum in one user friendly package.

Company: Tonsturm

Product: SPCTRL EQ

Price: $99.00

Our Rating: 4.8/5 Overview

At first glance, SPCTRL EQ shares its DNA with the previous Tonsturm product FRQ-Shift, so if you have any experience working with this plug-in then you should feel a sense of familiarity with SPCTRL EQ, particularly when working with the modulator and LFO windows. Speaking generally, SPCTRL EQ is most definitely a sound designers EQ and is best suited to the weird and the wonderful, with crazy alien/robotic effects and things of that nature being what it excels at the most.

SPCTRL EQ lets you filter, shape and control sounds with frightening levels of precision, allowing users to craft complex and intricate eq effects and inject instant excitement into otherwise "dull" or "flat" sounds. Users can then further shape and sculpt their sounds across up to 4092 frequency bands, and add motion through the use of the built in modulators and LFO parameters.

In their own words, Tonsturm gives us an overview of SPCTRL EQ.

Key Features & Benefits There are several key features that sets SPCTRL EQ apart from similar products within its class, with the vast number of modulation bands on offer, and its flexible curve editor being the most compelling. SPCTRL EQ contains the same cutting-edge modulation system that we saw in FRQ-Shift, only this time it gives users many more degrees of precision thanks to the 4092 frequency bands, shaping functions and detailed visual display. Users can also manipulate the left and right channels independently or have them working together. The depth of control that this product offers is superb, and its great to have such a wide array of features at your disposal, and to use them so fluidly in tandem with each other to transform sounds and take them to the next level.

In addition to the aforementioned features, it is worth noting the quality of the user interface. Tonsturm products are always laid out in a very easy-to-use way, but its interesting to see how the UI is continually being improved over multiple iterations as they release new products. We especially love the inclusion of a built-in undo button, which is a small but often overlooked feature that really shows the level of thought and consideration for the end-user that Tonsturm have put into SPCTRL EQ.

SPCTRL EQ has a hefty bank of pre-sets which can be easily accessed through its in-built navigation window.

What its useful for SPCTRL EQ is useful for a wide range of creative sound design applications including but not limited to the following: - Adding interest and tension to "static" and "uninteresting" sounds.

- Quickly transforming a voice or vocal recording into something robotic and electronic.

- Creating, risers, build ups and drops from "ordinary" sound sources.

- Use as a more interesting filter than a standard lpf, hpf, bp etc.

- Add motion and movement to sounds through modulators and LFO.

- Twist and bend sounds into new concoctions that you couldn't imagine or didn't think were possible.

In the above playlist you can check out a range of audio demos that show off how SPCTRL EQ performs with different sound sources.

The Bottom Line

SPCTRL EQ is most definitely a sound designers EQ, so users who are looking for something more traditional in design should definitely look elsewhere. This is a creative EQ first and foremost and therefore rewards users who are open to experimenting, breaking the "rules" and putting it through its paces. Overall this is a powerful and diverse product that definitely fits into the "premium" tier in terms of its quality. With a very accessible price tag of $99, we would recommend SPCTRL EQ to all audio professionals and sound designers who are still in the beginning stages of their career. This is an excellent tool in terms of its functionality and design, and it can help you get to grips with some of the more advanced techniques of frequency modulation. We hope you enjoyed checking out this review! If you like the sound of SPCTRL EQ you can find out more product details as well as purchase information on the Tonsturm website VIA the following link:


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