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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

REVIEW: Sound Pack Tree - Diversity Collection

Company: The Sound Pack Tree

Product: Diversity: General Sound FX Library

Price: €365.00 (Usually 495.00)

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Diversity Sound Effects Library offers up a collection from a vast category of general use sound files with very detailed, edited and carefully assigned metadata keywords for fast file searching. Providing an easy workflow for post-production and game audio Sound Designers.

A Tree of Glorious Sound Effects

Diversity is a consistent collection of 10,000 split files (or 3649 files in the combined version) of Sound Effects, each of the download options provides a runtime of 42 hours. The library is only available via download. As the title of this library suggests, there is a diverse range of general sound effects, and a wide range of categories, including common sounds, rarities and practical material for use in different projects.

Reaching To The Roots

The sound files are recorded, edited and arranged in the folder at a very high standard, focusing on delivering a fast search function. Using the detailed description added to each file, with rich metadata keywords, searches will provide not only the specific sound you are looking for but also other sounds that will suit the theme.

The quality of this sound library is very consistent and delivers recordings which are rich in frequency content (the main reason why the Sound Designer chose to record with the Sanken CO-100k microphone). This microphone has a frequency response from 20Hz to 100kHz, which means that in some cases, we can afford to time stretch or pitch shift whilst maintaining the quality of the effects. The impacts category is a particular favorite, as it provides well-designed sounds, making it usable without further processing. The wide dynamic range of the library provides room for layering and creating the perfect elements for your project.

The WAV files are delivered as a mixture of mono and stereo audio within a 24bit 96kHz format. By having all files in the same format, it helps to speed up the searching process. Many of the files are loopable. This offers a smooth transition between loop iterations, saving time and avoiding clicks and pops. Randomly browsing into the library content, we projected ourselves into various places, constantly finding interesting sounds that are a perfect match to the environment we wanted to build.

Diggin' into the other side of the Earth

The effort and time spent building this library is shown visually with the titles of the audio files. It is clear that the content within Diversity was recorded in different corners of the world. On top of that, it includes many of the common sounds you expect to hear: traffic, trains, restaurants, churches, and halls. With this product, you'll also get recordings from the surroundings of the cities: villages, forests, waterfalls, jungles, oceans, birds, insects, animals. Everything is captured, edited and delivered to a high-quality standard and is ready to be used in a project.

The Bottom Line

The Sound Designer focused more on the use of workflow, rather than delivering a ‘’massive chunk of sounds’’. The loopable aspect of many of the effects is appealing to the general user. The whole library itself, either in the combined or split version, comes in at 71 GB. It seems that the designer has chosen the most useful sounds for each category. We would describe his work as ’’strong essences in small packages’’ rather than including lots of content of variable quality.

Categories Of Irresistible Effects

In the following section, we listened to the sounds of each category to share our very first impressions:

Unreal Machine I: Absolutely fabulous sonic characteristics for each sound, giving the feeling of a futuristic era.

Money: There are many different coins recorded in this category, vast amounts of sounds and none are similar to each other. It seems that someone exchanged a lot of coins for this category! More sounds of paper notes could've been added.

Construction & Tools: Good sounds for construction ambience, the number of hand tools and power tools included show the effort that was put into this category. These sounds could be used in a project with close-up footage of a handyman working.

Marbles: The sound of childhood.

Letters: From paper to paperless, from pencil to marker, these sounds cover the entire letter industry. This category brings out the classic use of paper letters, there are very detailed sounds of each individual item used for writing, even taking into consideration the surface when writing a letter. This section also includes recordings of more modern technologies such as keyboards.

Dropping Things: Sounds of dropping items. Adding some bigger sized items would make this a perfect sound category.

Footsteps Loops II: Clean and very versatile selection of footstep sounds.

Futuristic Doors: The name of the category says it all. A really good selection of sounds, perfect for futuristic films… Star Wars, here we come.

Shepard Ambiences: A Shepard Tone is an audio phenomenon that creates the impression of endless rising or falling. This sound category delivers amazing sounds for creating tension and illusion in the picture.

Sonic Seaside: This category covers the natural side of audio at a seaside location. The sounds within are fascinating and are useful in many projects, such as movies, games and commercials. Paddling sounds are the ones that attracted our attention.

The Household Pack: A huge selection of sounds that can be used in various types of projects. Clean and very natural recordings.

The Nature Pack: Covered all aspects of the rural side of nature, but is missing wild animal sounds.

The Sci-Fi Pack: Amazing for game audio projects. There was a massive effort put into this category, judging by the number of sounds. We can really appreciate the control over the high frequencies in this section.

The Whooshes & Impacts Pack: Useful sounds for creating a moment you would want the audience to focus on.

This Library Sucks! : Creative sounds that can challenge your imagination.

Trains: From the outside to the inside of a train, all aspects of train sounds have been captured.

Unreal Ambience: Mystery and science-fiction is the predominant inspiration for these sounds. Accompanied by glitches, this creates a totally different environment than which we live in.


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