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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

REVIEW: RT Sonics - Cinematic World

Company: RT Sonics

Product: Cinematic World

Price: $49.50 (Usually $99)

Our Rating: 4.8/5

RT Sonics are back with another epic sound effects library. Their latest offering, titled Cinematic World is a versatile and heavy hitting library that is tailored to delivering heart stopping, larger than life sonic moments, perfect for trailer sound design and use in AAA projects.


As the name suggests Cinematic World provides you with a large arsenal of sounds that will add a cinematic, grandiose edge to your productions. This diverse collection offers audio professionals a complete palette of tools for modern trailer sound design, game audio and beyond.

In their own words: "This library is designed with one thought in mind – to provide AAA quality and innovation."

Cinematic World is consistent with the sonic quality you would expect from RT Sonics. Audio fidelity has been taken to the next level and the quality of the sound design is stellar, both on an aesthetic and technical level.

Expect to find big, thunderous sounds, with wide frequency content and crisp production that would be at home in a Hollywood blockbuster or a AAA game.

What You Get

Cinematic worlds contains over 600 premium sound effects. All sounds have been recorded with professional high-end equipment, including Sound Devices 788 with ORTF setup of Sennheiser MKH 8040’s and MKH 8050 to name a few. The quality of the recordings are pristine and you really get the sense of this library being a "level up" from the competition when going through the sounds. All files come in 24 bit wav format, 96 kHz allowing for further audio manipulation.

This library supplies you with both designed and source folders for maximum creative freedom. Like with their previous library Nuances of Fear, The team at RT sonics have clearly gone out of their way in both the recoding, editing and processing to deliver the best material possible, and give sound designers the finest sonic ingredients to work with. Some of the variety of sounds you will find in this library include:

Sub bass booms


Heavy impacts



Metal Impacts

Low Hits


Stingers & Sci-Fi build ups

Stutter build ups




Where we would use it

Besides the obvious inclusion in trailer sound design projects, Cinematic Worlds lends itself to brilliantly to many different styles of modern media.

The wide range of sounds on offer make this library especially useful for projects in more "design heavy" genres such as sci-fi, action and fantasy. Given the high-energy, high impact nature of the sounds in this product, We also think it would be ideal for use in sports promo videos, montages, product demos and online advertisement. We would use this library to beef up transition effects, stingers and big impact moments. We also think that the sounds in Cinematic world would benefit from being Partnered with some ambiences to help emphasise the magnitude of the sounds and make them even more colossal.

Check out the epic trailer for Cinematic World.

The Bottom Line

Cinematic World offers a vast collection of sounds for the price tag. The calibre of the sound design is superb, and the inclusion of both designed and source sounds gives you maximum creative freedom when working with this library.

“RT Sonics' libraries are awesome and irreplaceable - not only do they feature ready-to use-designed assets that stand out from the crowd, but also have immaculately recorded construction kits that I keep coming back to! You can tell that these libraries are created by sound designers, for sound designers.” - Alex Previty Sound Designer Audio Lead | Spider-Man (PS4), PlayStation.


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