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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

REVIEW: Boom Library - The Complete Boom Basics

Company: Boom Library

Product: The Complete Boom Basics

Price: $251.86 Yearly Subscription ($999.00 Buyout)

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Boom Library has made a name for themselves delivering high quality products that continually raise the bar in what is expected from a sound effects library. With their latest offering The Complete Boom Basics, they have rolled 57 of their most popular libraries into one neat package to deliver a superb sound effects library at a jaw-droppingly low price.

Back To Basics

The first thing that jumps out about this collection is the size. Clocking in at 52Gb and over 12,000 audio files, this library certainly provides the user with a huge array of content. There is an insane amount of value here and its great to see such a wide variety of in one package. This vast and detailed library is a great toolkit for completing many sound design tasks. With sounds ranging from the organic and historical, vehicles and weaponry to the more synthesized and abstract, The Complete Boom Basics give you all the content you need to design compelling and exciting sounds for Film, TV, Games, Trailers, Animation and much more.

Some of the amazing content contained within this collection.

Mega Variety

You can find everything from ambiences, UI sounds, weapons from various time periods, explosions, cinematic whooshes & impacts, crowds, creature sounds, and the list goes on. With such a staggering amount of sounds to choose from it can be a little overwhelming at first, but the folder structure breaks things down into easy-to-navigate sections and its never too difficult to find what you are looking for.

One especially great section in this collection is the vehicle sounds. not only do they sound brilliant, but they have really gone to town with providing highly specific sounds that cover individual car models, different engine sizes, SUVs, vans and high powered muscle cars.

Another gem contained within this collection is the vintage World War II tanks and aircraft sounds. These include tanks from both the allies and axis, as well as the iconic P15 Mustang fighter plane. These sound highly authentic and are not something you see that often.

High-Quality Sound Design

As we have come to expect from Boom Library, the quality of the sounds contained in this collection is fantastic both in terms of their fidelity and aesthetic. Everything has a pristine level of polish whilst retaining that hard-hitting cinematic edge. Despite the huge variety of sounds, there is a consistency across the library that makes everything feel part of the same family, which is no easy feat when there are over 12,000 files.

To put this library through its paces on a real project, we used it on a horror movie trailer to create the sounds of the monster growling and its footsteps, the sounds of magic energy encircling the main character, and for risers and impact sounds. The sounds were user friendly, and the particular advantages include full frequency content, consistency, and many variations of most effects. The magic sounds were particularly dynamic and useful, BOOM has provided enough duration in the files to cover extended sequences, often overlooked in independent sound design libraries.

What Is Contained In This Collection?

This mammoth library is subdivided into 55 separate folders that cover a different category of sounds. This file structure makes navigating the library easy, and you can always find the sound you are looking for without spending ages searching for it.

Below you can find a short description and overview of the contents of each folder.

Urban USA - A collection of ambiences from major American cities with different types of locations and times of day. You can find busy financial districts, parks, downtown, train stations, outdoor market, industrial district and underpasses.

Room Tones Europe - Room tones from a variety of settings including factory, workshop, library, school sports hall, underground car park and office spaces.

Assault Weapons - A hard hitting collection of heavy weapon sounds, sniper rifles, pistols, machine guns, grenades, mechanics and bullet impacts all recorded at close, medium and distant perspectives.

Baby BOOM - Baby vocalisations from a range of different moods and ages. Crying, babbling, laughing, screaming, shouting and yawning.

Birds of Prey - An assortment of bird calls, screeches, growls and other sounds from birds of prey such as eagles, vultures, falcons, hawks, owls and more. Expect to find lots of chips and squawks, as well as some more aggressive sounds from these predators of the sky.

Black Powder - All things gunpowder, canons, explosions, impacts, historic guns such as muskets. Complete with long tail reverbs and plenty of variations on each sound.