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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

REVIEW: Badlands Sound - House Tones

Company: Badlands Sound

Product: House Tones

Price: $50

Our Rating: 4.8/5

'House Tones' is a new Sound Effects Library from Badlands Sound. With an amazing collection of different room tones recorded indoors, this library is an essential addition for professional sound designers.

House Tones contains 57 files with 2 mins each, making a total duration of 2 hours weighing at 3.8GB. All sounds are available in 96kHz 24-bit, perfect for creating high-quality soundscapes. Room ambiences with a variety of tones are included.

The Essential

The bundle offers you room tones found in a house including Bathrooms, Basements, Bedrooms, Closets, Garages, Home Offices, Laundry Rooms, Kitchens, Living Rooms, Showers, and Utility Room, i.e. The recordings offer different tonalities for each type of room which helps you design a perfect soundscape for the scene you are working with. For example, files covering bathroom ambiences have various tonalities, for example 'airy tone' with and without carpet, 'tone with the fan running', 'tone in a bathroom with tile' etc. They have recorded sounds covering all possible situations for each room, saving you from adding an extra layer of ambiences to your project.

All files are clean and of high quality as they were recorded using professional gear including the Sound Devices 702t, Rycote ORTF, and a pair of Sennheiser MKH 8040’s. The difference between each tone is clearly notable according to the nature of the room. You can use the sounds straight away for your indoor scenes without a second thought.

Moreover, like any other product from Badlands Sound, all of the files are tagged with metadata that refers to the type of room and their tonality, making it easier to find the right tone that fits your soundscape.

Even though we could loop the tones without any problems, it would be better if they had given a bit more duration for the files for an easier workflow. Also, we expected more files in a library of this cost, still, this is a great resource for sound designers.

The Bottom Line

Overall, House Tones is an essential library that sound designers should go for. This bundle offers you a variety of house ambiences with different feels for you to choose in designing a perfect interior soundscape.

You can get your copy of Home Exterior here:


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