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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

REVIEW: Accusonus - Voice Changer.

Voice manipulation is a crucial part of sound design, with genres such as sci-fi, fantasy and horror relying heavily on voice effects to create the sound of the characters contained with the stories. In our latest review, we checked out simple yet potent voice manipulation tool Voice Changer by Accusonus.

Company: Accusonus

Product: Voice Changer

Price: $4.99 per month subscription

Our Rating: 4.5/5


Voice Changer is a new voice manipulation tool from Accusonus. Whilst there are many products of this kind available on the market right now, Voice Changer has clearly been designed with a strong focus on storytelling, characterisation and ease of use, which helps to set it apart from the rest of the pack. We tested Voice Changer on a recording of an actor reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and we found it incredibly fun switching between different presents, and hear the voice quickly change through various iterations.

This plugin combines a simple interface with a diverse cast of characters, and environments to choose from, giving users a versatile and powerful sound design tool that lets you get creative with minimal fuss.

In their own words... "From epic movie trailer tones to subtle whispering, evil AI voices to baby robots. An alien, a dragon, a monster, a ghost, a giant… Quickly modify your voice, and create anime voice filters or scary voices. Use vocoder effects and morph your character into a robot, a girl, a man, a woman, a baby or anything you want."

The introduction video to Voice Changer from Accusonus.

Key Features & Benefits

In terms of ease of use, with a grand total of 3 adjustable parameters Voice Changer couldn't be any simpler. Users can quickly cycle through the bank of useful pre-sets to find the effect they are looking for, and then apply further tweaking from there.

The 3 adjustable parameters offered in Voice Changer are:

Character - Selects through a range of different character effects which alters the pitch and tone of the voice recording.

Effect - The effect parameter controls the timbre and type of processing that is applied to the voice and makes the voice more robotized, organic, alien, futz etc.

Environment - The environment parameter controls the location that the voice is in, and can be used to make the voice sound more distant, close up or in a large reflective space.

Laying out the plugin in this way makes a lot of sense and should be very attractive to novice -intermediate users who are unfamiliar working with more complex voice manipulation plugins.

The character module of Voice Changer is explained in the video above.

Where to use it

Voice Changer will be widely applicable across a range of audio scenarios where the manipulation of the human voice is called for, including for use in films, animation, radio dramas and video games.

Due to its accessibility and ease-of-use, Voice Changer is especially well suited to filmmakers and content creators who would be uncomfortable working with more advanced audio tools.

We would use this plugin for the following tasks:

- Designing a sci-fi, horror or cartoon characters voice.

- Placing a characters voice into a specific environment such as airport, courtyard etc.

- Placing a characters voice through a "telephone" or "megaphone" effect.

The Bottom Line

Voice Changer is a diverse and easy to use voice manipulation tool that offers users a large range of creative options. Its focus on accessibility both in its operation and price make this a great purchase for more novice users and audio professionals in the early stages of their career.

Due to its simple design, Voice Changer will also be especially useful to users who are not used to working with pro audio tools such as filmmakers and content creators.

For more from Accusonus and the purchase information for Voice Changer follow these links:

We hope you enjoyed checking out this review!


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