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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

NEWS: Batman: Knightmare Is Released On Youtube!

We are excited to announce the release of Batman: Knightmare, a short fan film produced by BeSquared productions. This project was a great source of enjoyment for us, as there were plenty of strong sound design moments within the film where we could really flex our creative muscles and use sound to push the narrative forward.

The concept of this film is that Batman is trapped inside a nightmare whilst the Joker taunts him and tries to test his moral code. We made use of many subtle sound design elements to enhance the dream-like atmosphere for the audience, and make them feel at the mercy of the Joker.

To create this effect, we heavily utilised processed voice recording of the Joker. Brian Bowles, director of the film and actor playing the Joker recorded many different ADR tracks, including long takes of maniacal laughter. We took these tracks and used granular processing to make them even more disturbed and nightmarish.

The Composer used processed accordion sounds as another atmospheric element that were combined with our design elements. The accordion is long associated with circus music and clowns, which fits in nicely to the theme of Jokers character. These were used in conjunction with our music box and childlike horror vocal effects, reminiscent of a fairground attraction.

These sonic tools were combined to fill out the background and create a strange and unnerving atmosphere for the audience.

Joker - Played by Brian Bowles. Brian was also the Director of this film.

In the second half of the film, Batman and The Joker engage in a long and brutal fight scene. This is where we let loose the tension that we had built up in the first half and used sounds in a more forceful and direct manner.

The fight sequence allowed us to reinforce the characterisation through our sound choices. The raw brutality of Batman's heavy blows contrasts with the razor-sharp precision of Joker's knife perfectly communicatees what these characters are about symbolically through the sounds they make.

Batman/Bruce Wayne - Played by Trevor Berry

The score composed by Sean Sumwalt is also a big piece of this film, with edgy and tense moods building into frantic drumming and string patterns once the fight begins. Sean did a wonderful job with the music and really hyped up the action on the screen.

All in all, this was a fantastic project to be involved with and we had a blast designing sounds to accompany such an iconic set of characters.

Batman: Knightmare is now available to watch on youtube via the link below!

We hope you enjoyed this news article!


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