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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries


Pro Tools/Sound Design/Foley Course in Manchester, UK

Pro Tools 2024.6 expands upon various features and brings a range of enhancements that boost workflow efficiency, helping audio and music producers to unleash their creativity more freely. We're excited to dive into these new capabilities over the coming weeks and will provide another review once we've thoroughly tested the features. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of what is new.


A game changer is the introduction of the ARA 2 support, which now integrates six plugins directly into Pro Tools. This marks another significant advancement since the 2022.9 update, introducing ARA 2 Melodyne integration. We’re pleased that iZotope RX Spectral Editor, the industry ‘magic noise-buster’ has finally made the list. Thanks to the update, Pro Tools users will be able to enjoy access to RX’s visual Spectrogram display docked within the edit window (with the option to open in a separate resizable window). The docked Spectral Editor certainly looks streamlined and easy to access, also containing the tools: gain, de-click and de-hum.

Another feature of ARA integration is that it allows you to keep your audio adjustments running in real-time within the session so any edits can be revisited and changed later. Like with Melodyne, you can select RX Spectral Editor options (Edit, Bypass, Clear and Render) from an ARA submenu accessible via the drop-down menu when right-clicking on a clip.

The other plugins now supported by ARA 2 are:

  • Synchro Arts VocAlign

  • Synchro Arts RePitch

  • Synchro Arts Revoice Pro

  • Sound Radix Auto-Align 2

  • Sound Radix Auto-Align Post 2

Avid has also created videos explaining the integration of each plugin with ARA 2 in more detail, which are worth a watch. Another perk for those with active Pro Tools subscriptions and perpetual upgrade plans is the automatic inclusion of ARA 2 plugins for iZotope RX Spectral Editor and Synchro Arts RePitch.


The latest update includes the plugins Captain Chords Lite and Human Lite from Mixed in Key (the entry versions of Captain Chords Epic and Human Plugins), two useful tools in a music creator’s kit. We particularly appreciate Human Lite, which works similarly to the ‘humanize’ function in Logic Pro X by quickly giving MIDI or other quantized material a more natural and human feel. Captain Chords Lite creates chords from any key of your choice and gives full flexibility over inversions and passing notes as well as access to a library of chord progressions and rhythms. Both plugins are valuable for generating and experimenting with compositional ideas efficiently.

Pro Tools/Sound Design/Foley Course in Manchester, UK


The updated Import Session Data window, prompted in response to customer requests to ‘filter out inactive tracks’, makes locating tracks faster and clearer. The new filtering capabilities are invaluable when working with large, complex sessions. You now have the ability to access more data such as track colours, types, inactive tracks and folder hierarchy along with the option to type a specific search into the text filter. Additionally, you can easily switch between 'marker rulers' and 'tracks', resulting in a more organised appearance within the Import Session Data window compared to previous versions. One more welcome improvement is the overall, less ‘cluttered’ layout and ability to resize the window.

Avid have made the updates to the Import Session Data window cohesive across the Clip List, Edit Window and Pro Tools Preferences. The Clip List has this same upgraded filter box, making it easy to find what you’re looking for even when a filter has been applied. The option to only show tracks with clips on them has also been added to the Edit window; This can be done within a timeline selection or at the insertion point. A search box has been added to the Preferences window, which highlights the containment tab(s) and specific area within.

A notable mention is that Automation Lanes are now expandable, so finding lanes that contain automation breakpoints or ramped changes (without a breakpoint) will be much easier.

Pro Tools/Sound Design/Foley Course in Manchester, UK


Following the introduction of custom live re-renders in Pro Tools 2024.3, the 2024.6 update has added several new formats for monitoring. You can cut out the cascaded downmixing stage by simply listening to a direct stereo ‘preview’ of the mix with ‘Stereo Direct’. The binaural mode settings can also be accessed and controlled from the Edit and Mix windows, enabling immediate monitoring during playback. Other enhancements include the ability to:

  • Re-render 9.1.4 and 7.1.2

  • Solo/Mute Dolby Atmos groups from the renderer window

  • Bounce, Commit and Freeze signals from the Dolby Atmos internal renderer


Avid has given us some major time-savers in this update catering to Pro Tools users engaged in both audio and music production. The ARA 2 support for iZotope RX Spectral Editor in particular will transform workflow for those working in audio post. We look forward to exploring the full potential of the new 2024.6 features and giving them a more thorough review.


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