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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

ARTICLE: The Importance of Repeat Collaboration

Audio Post Production Manchester

When working as a Sound Designer or Composer, it is absolutely crucial to work with the same people more than once, particularly if you want to achieve a high level of success creatively.

This article highlights one of our long term collaborators Ed Halstead, who has been with us from the beginning, we have been in the Sound or Music department on every film that he has Directed so far. We are now working on our 6th project together.

Creative Shorthand

One of the big benefits of our repeat collaboration is that we have developed a creative shorthand, where Ed knows our terminology and we know his, making getting to the approval stage much quicker. We also can be totally honest with each other when something is working great or needs more finessing.

Audio Post Production Manchester

As Ed has grown from his humble beginnings in student films all the way up to multiple professional projects as a Director, we have grown with him. This repeat business has allowed us the opportunity to work on some excellent award winning films.

Recent Projects

After moving to Los Angeles from the UK, Ed hired us to work on his first two films in the new country; 1UP and Broken Strings. We mainly worked with him remotely, although he did visit the UK to complete part of the work for 1UP. The move to LA really helped Ed progress in the scale of his productions, which meant that we had some interesting creative challenges.

For 1UP we were tasked with creating sound assets for a video game to be featured in the film, and then to integrate these with the film world. 1UP went on to win multiple awards including Best Director at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

For Broken Strings we were tasked with designing sound for the drug induced, euphoria state of the protagonist. Broken Strings went on to achieve multiple festival selections, and one of the characters was used to develop a web series.

What's Next

Perhaps the most exciting news to come from all of this, is that one of the two web series that Ed has been developing has now received interest from a major Los Angeles cable network.

This meteoric progression has happened over the course of just 4 years, which is a clear reminder as to why you should always strive to work with Director's again and again, following their climb through the ranks and getting to work on such exciting projects.

Check out the trailer for 1UP below:

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