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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

ARTICLE: Pro Tips for Using Sound Effects in Your Videos.

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

What Are Sound Effects?

In the context of video editing, a sound effect is any audio that is recorded, especially to be included in your footage. This can include the sound of a gunshot during a battle scene or rain hitting your windows while listening to some relaxing music.

Throughout the filmmaking process, there will be many occasions you will need to add additional sounds to your footage. A common way to do this would be through what is called Sound Effects Editing which refers to the usage of foreground and background sound effects such as such as birds, wind, traffic etc. There are also various online libraries from which you can license royalty-free stock sound effects.

Why Use Sound Effects?

Sound editing is all about putting your audience in the moment. Viewers who watch a movie with good sound editing are instantly put into the centre of the action and immerse themselves in all the sounds around them.

For example, if you make videos online and want to mimic a scene with an intense shootout in an old Western world, you would want to use plenty of different realistic sounds that a cowboy might encounter during the big battle.

They add realism to your film by reflecting the soundscape of real-life and immersing you in action on screen, creating an authenticity that brings your viewers deeper into the story you are telling.

And finally, the movie-making process involves much more than just filming; sounds are just as important in many cases.

For example, car crashes are pretty common in films, but they aren't always easy to portray on camera; however, if you combine the sounds of screeching brakes and broken glass with a few vocal reactions here and there, you can create an impactful scene even without dramatizing it too much!

Where Can I Find Sound Effects Online?

Sound effects are often used in movies to add emotion and feeling to a particular shot or scene, so it's not surprising that movie studios will spend much money on royalty-free sounds. But there are plenty of free options available online. Here are a few we found:

BBC Sound Effects

There are 30,000+ sound effects available for free courtesy of "the Beeb." If you wish to use them in commercial projects, there is a licensing fee and user requirements.


Video is a powerful tool to get any message across. No matter the message, video can make it come alive - which helps grab attention and motivate people to act. Creating and editing videos can be time-consuming and complex, though.

This is where Invideo comes in: with an array of professional video templates, you can create different videos in minutes instead of days. You can find many sound effect templates here.

344 Audio Store

Simply click the 'store' link on our website to find a plethora of sounds of every type you can imagine, recorded, edited and designed by our team of Audio Craftsmen.


Freesound offers more than 400,000 sounds or samples. Samples are considered to be individual recordings of a particular sound. These sounds can vary widely, from the sound of an explosion to the sound of the ocean or even a yawn.

Whether these samples are allowed in your particular project depends on how you plan to use them, so it's probably best to read up on the license that comes with each sample before using them.

9 Tips For Using Sound Effects In Your Videos

There are some tips and characteristics to keep in mind as you fit sound effects into your next video:

Use Fading Sounds

To introduce ambient background effects such as rain or sounds of the city, try fading them in gradually. It will help make your video sound more natural and professional at the same time.

Transcript View Can Make It Easier to Apply Sounds

InVideo allows users to enter into a transcript mode that displays the scenes of your motion picture story as if you'd read them like a book. Instead of working with the timeline, consider having your project open on a separate window while typing out your script.

Working this way provides an additional plane of depth in adding audio to your work because you can drop the sound file directly onto each image of the video (or, in the case of multiple video files, each frame) that you want it played.

Provide Emotional Texture For Your Movie

Ambient noise should reflect the state of mind of the characters.

For example, if the protagonist has a heart attack, the ambient noise should be replaced with sounds of their heartbeat. Or maybe a jangling noise would be more appropriate for a restaurant scene where two lovers are arguing.

Don't Be Afraid to Play Around when You Make Videos Online

Don't get too hung up on your effects - it's not like you will hurt them physically. They won't get offended if you give them a bit of echo or cut them up to create a choppy effect.

Use Them Sparingly

Too many sound effects can be overwhelming and take away from the overall impact of your video. So make sure to use them only where necessary. Keep in mind that they are primarily for enhancing certain moments in the video.

Pick Sound Effects that Complement the Mood and Tone of Your Video

Make sure that the effect you choose fits the context and mood. Too many dark or intense sound effects can ruin a light hearted video.

Use Sound Effects to Highlight Key Moments in Your Video

Sound effects enhance what is essentially an important moment, something viewers should focus on. Keep that in mind when you choose a sound.

A well-placed sound effect can make a scene pop.

Pay Attention to The Volume of Your Sound Effects

Pay attention to the level of the audio when you add an effect. You don't want them to be too loud or quiet with the rest of the audio in your video.

Make Sure Your Sound Effects Are High Quality

Nothing will ruin a video faster than using low-quality, tinny-sounding sound effects. Choose ones that are good and merge well with the audio and video.


It's no secret that sound effects can make or break any video. They can change a video's entire mood, tone, and message. Whether you're trying to create a scary, suspenseful, or comedic effect, choosing the right sound design can make all the difference. By following these tips, you can use sound effects to take your videos to the next level.


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