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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

Article: Moving Mountains Commercial Goes Live.

We are pleased to announce the release of the new mouth-watering commercial from Moving Mountains, showcasing their new range of meat alternative burgers.

Plant Based

Moving Mountains Foods have made a name for themselves by offering a diverse range of plant-based alternatives for traditionally carnivorous meals such as hot dogs, sausages, meat balls and mince. The latest addition to their product line comes in the form of plant-based burgers, and we were thrilled to be involved in the creation of a mouth-watering commercial to accompany the product launch.

This project marked another collaboration with director Kaine Levy, who we previously worked with on Farewell Waltz. Kaine was at the helm of this commercial in the role of director, which made the process extremely fun and streamlined given our existing shorthand from previous collaborations.

Kaine had this to say about working with us: "This was another enjoyable and smooth session with the guys at 344 Audio, and they worked closely with us to elevate the production value of the commercial. We started by purposely “overdoing” the foley effects so we could present the client with a more unnatural but exciting sound mix. From there we reigned it back slightly, finessing and tweaking all parts of the music and sound design to reach a perfectly balanced final mix. Our client, Moving Mountains, was very happy with the final result, and a happy client is a happy production company!"

Making a mess in the foley room whilst recording custom sound effects.

Custom Sounds

To create the sounds for this video, we first undertook a foley recording session and assembled a custom library of culinary and food effects for us to use in the commercial. This was a really fun part of the process, and involved us getting stuck in and making a bit of a mess in the studio but it was all worth it! Some of the sounds we recorded include:

Chopping vegetables Peeling and squeezing bananas Crunching lettuce Emptying cat food from a tin

Squeezing sauce from a bottle Oil sizzling in a pan Meat juices dripping

Recording cookery sounds in the kitchen.

Early on in the process, we took the decision to only used food-based sounds in this commercial. This meant that we had to create all of the whooshes and transition effects from the food sounds that we recorded during the foley session. We found this to be a really fun challenge and it definitely led to some interesting results.

Some of these sounds included whooshes made from sausages and lettuce, impact sounds made from dropping vegetables and meat on a chopping board, and subtle juicy textures made from various vegetables being squished.

Alex fine-tuning the mix for maximum deliciousness.

Ironically, although the commercial is for a vegan product, we ended up using a lot of meat based sound effects to really give the video that mouth watering, stomach rumbling effect. When it comes to sound design, sometimes only the real thing will give you the result you are looking for. We hope you can forgive us for this!

You can view the finished commercial below:

For more from Moving Mountains foods and their full product line, as well as commercial director Kaine Levy check out the links below:

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