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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries
Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

ARTICLE: Behind The Scenes Of Farewell Waltz

We are excited to announce that we have completed work on the upcoming period film Farewell Waltz. The film, helmed by writer/director Kaine Levy tells the turbulent love story of an impoverished Jamaican boy and a wealthy English girl on the eve of World War II. For this project, we oversaw all of the audio components within the film, including dialogue, foley, sound design, and mixing. We also mixed the score which was recorded with a live orchestra.

The main challenge of this project was creating a consistent sonic world that took the audience to the 1930s. This meant the careful selection of sound effects that felt at home within that time period, as well as precise editing to remove any sonic traces of the 21st century. This project required a lot of subtle details to really bring each scene to life and to achieve the tone that the director was after.

The film utilises the iconic speech from British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, in which he announces that war has been declared against Germany. We were tasked with taking the original broadcast audio and cleaning it up to the standard you would expect of a modern film. This was achieved through the careful use of noise removal tools and dynamics processing. The end result sounds crisp & clear like a professional voice-over and sits perfectly within the film. We are extremely pleased with the way this turned out.

The film contains a truly superb musical score, written by Colombian composer Felipe Téllez. The score was recorded using a live orchestra in eastern Europe and mixed by 344 Audio in our Stephenson Suite. To keep things in line with the overall sonic vision for the film, we used harmonic processing such as tape saturation to add colour and give the score a more vintage feel. We were taking a pristine modern recording and "dirtying it up" to make it fit the time period of the film. This took some fine-tuning, but eventually, we were able to find the right balance that fits the story, whilst still showing off the music in its best light.

In conclusion, Farewell Waltz was an absolute joy to be involved with and we are extremely proud of what the team has achieved. You can find out more information on the film via the link here: If you enjoyed this article please check out our ultimate guide to audio post- production:


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