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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

ARTICLE: 10 Best Cities For A Career in Audio Engineering

Your physical location can be a huge deciding factor in the opportunities you have access to. This is just as true in the audio industry as it is with any other, That's why we have put together this list of the 10 best cities for a career in audio engineering.

Berlin, Germany

This historic and uber-cool city is revered the world over for its nightlife and unparalleled electronic music scene. With a 24/7 party culture and some of the worlds best-known techno clubs, Berlin is sure to be a fantastic location for anyone interested in a career in electronic music. There is also a significant presence of the tech industry here, which should bring opportunities related to sound design and audio programming at companies such as Native Instruments.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Frequently ranked amongst the best European cities to live in, Amsterdam offers all the attractions of a major capital city in a small and compact package. With a thriving creative arts community and rich musical history, Amsterdam should provide no shortage of opportunities for audio professionals. As well as the rich line up of clubs and music venues, Amsterdam also offers the world-renowned STEIM (Studio For Electro Instrumental Music) which is one of the few places on earth that actively pioneers the development of new electronic musical instruments.

London, United Kingdom

As one of the world's major metropolitan centers, no list would be complete without London. Whilst this city may come with a high cost of living, it makes up for it with some of the most well-known entities in music and entertainment including Pinewood Studios, Abbey Road, Air studios, the Barbican center, the west end and most of the major record label headquarters. As the UK capital, you will find major players in everything from TV, film production, post-production, advertising, live music, and recording studios. In recent years the gaming and software industry has also become a prominent feature with companies such as Sony Studios, Media Molecule, and Spitfire audio all setting up camp in or around London.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Birthplace of the industrial revolution and some of the UK's most successful musical artists, Manchester has made a name for itself as a cheaper and friendlier alternative to London. With the recent relocation of the BBC to Salford, and the influx of fresh creative talent the city is home to an increasingly large portion of the UK film and television industry, and there are numerous post houses and audio facilities to support this. Manchester also contains a huge amount of music venues and recording studios that make this perhaps the most exciting city in the UK for new music. Oh, and did we mention that we are based here too!

New York City, United States

It's no surprise that the largest city in America is also perhaps its biggest centre for the music and entertainment industries. New York is home to some of the world's most well-known recording studios, record labels, and iconic music venues such as Madison Square Garden, and Carnegie Hall. The Borough of Brooklyn is a hotbed of super trendy music venues and tech startups making it one of the fastest-growing industrial areas of the USA. New York is also the centre for advertising in the USA so expect to find significant opportunities relating to sound design, music licensing, and sync.

Nashville, United States

Nashville is a name that has long been associated with the American recording industry, and it is the dream of many to go there to record in one of its legendary studios. With over 340 studios in the Nashville area, Nashville will hold plenty of opportunities for sound engineers for both studios and live sound alike.

Los Angeles, United States

In many ways Los Angeles is similar to New York in that is is a huge urban centre that acts as a business hub for the west coast. LA, however, has the added advantage of being the global centre for the film industry, with all of the major studios being located here. If you are pursuing a career in audio post, film audio then LA is surely the city for you. If you can handle the traffic that is.

Vancouver, Canada

Travelling up the west coast a few hundred miles and you will hit Vancouver. This picturesque city is in many ways Canada's answer to LA, and many major studios use Vancouver as a base to shoot large scale productions. Whilst the cost of living is still high, the lower population, and all-round friendliness of Canadians make Vancouver a more attractive home than LA. There is also a large amount of gaming and technology companies based around the Vancouver area, making this city a great pick for those interested in an audio career in those fields. Having the Canadian wilderness on your doorstep would also be a great asset for sound designers who are looking to do some field recording.

Mumbai, India

Known as "The City Of Dreams" Mumbai has become famous for its glamorous association with Bollywood and its frantic nightlife. A frequent tour stop for some of the world's best-known DJs and Bands Mumbai boasts an impressive roster of venues for those interested in a career in live sound. Mumbai also contains many great studios and audio production companies, as well as some of India's leading places to learn audio production like the TAG institute. As India continues to develop as a nation Mumbai will surely become one of the world's hottest destinations for a career in audio.

Melbourne, Australia

Last but not least we have Melbourne. Frequently ranking amongst the world's most liveable cities and with a gorgeous climate and laid back people it's easy to see why. Melbourne has long been the home of Australia's electronic music scene and it even has its own genre "Melbourne House". Aside from clubbing Melbourne also has several of Australia's top audio post studios and is quickly becoming Australias centre for large scale film production with films such as The Matrix reloaded and Mad Max: Fury Road being made here. Melbourne is surely a top city for a career in audio down under.

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