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Our deep-dive hero course into the complete process for sound designing films, commercials and TV using Pro Tools.

You will learn everything you need to know to become a confident professional sound designer, ensuring you are ready to get out into the industry and start booking projects.


Audio Post Essentials


"Mixing is figuring out what is essential to the moment and subordinating everything else."

- Randy Thom


Learn the basics of audio including recording technology and capture, as well as theoretical knowledge, providing a solid foundation to build upon.

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Design sounds like a pro and become an invaluable part of any production.

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In this fast track course, learn how to use and manipulate synthesisers to create custom sounds for media and music.

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Alex has built 344 Audio from the ground up, forging soundscapes for some of the biggest companies and agencies on the globe. Alongside his extensive industry experience, he has also been teaching the art of audio post-production both in-house and in universities across the UK. 

Alex's unique teaching style combines the theoretical and practical aspects of sound design, giving you the most comprehensive understanding and the necessary confidence to make a name for yourself in a saturated market.

There's something really special for me about teaching audio. Nothing gives me a greater feeling of achievement than seeing the knowledge I've passed down being converted into creative output.



I’ve always been interested in sound design, and I wanted to learn from someone that was actually working within the industry. That’s why I came to 344 Audio; to learn from the best. I was very much a beginner when I started, but throughout the course I have learned how the industry works, the high pressures involved in delivering a project on time, file formats, creating my own sounds, foley performance, and all aspects of audio post.

Justin Corrigan

As an aspiring foley artist, it was great to develop new skills in dialogue editing, sound effects editing and mixing. I definitely recommend taking part in the APE course if you get the chance. Thanks to Alex’s knowledge of audio post, I now feel confident enough to work with clients in a variety of different sound roles alongside specialising as a foley artist.

The sound design course at 344 is brilliant! It gave me the confidence in sound design to pursue my dream of having a career in audio editing! It's definitely worth it and the team are lovely!

Alex drew on his considerable experience of real world projects to illustrate points that arose. He pushed me hard and encouraged me to excel, while maintaining a sense of fun throughout. I would give these lessons the highest possible recommendation to anybody who is thinking of embarking on a career in audio post.

When I first started, it was a new world that I hadn't breached into much at all. I'd just messed around with synthesisers. Now I feel like I could pretty confidently go out and work with clients, take my field recorder with me everywhere, and create a whole new universe between two speakers.

Completing this course has provided me with an in-depth understanding of the audio post process, and the different roles within the industry. The instruction is clear and engaging. Building upon the techniques I have learned on this course, I feel confident moving forward into the next stage of my career.

Danny Jones

Celine Woodburn

Brian Lane

Jack Hughes

Georgia Fullalove