Audio Post Essentials

Have you ever wondered how a soundtrack is pieced together?


Our Audio Post Essentials (APE) course is designed as a fast track to becoming a competent Post Production Sound Engineer. You will gain the foundations needed to secure professional work, including: a portfolio, technical/practical skills, a completion certificate and a breadth of knowledge delivered by our in-house Sound Designers who work with clients from all over the world. APE is delivered in our Manchester based Audio Post Production Studio, in one-to-one sessions, either in person or via Skype.



9-12 weeks, flexible part-time study (daytime or evening).


36-48 hours total delivery time + independent assignments.


£30 Ex. VAT per hour, 3 hour minimum lesson duration.


Delivered from our high-spec studio facility with Pro Tools Ultimate and 5.1 monitoring.




  • Pro Tools Fundamentals

  • Post Production Template

  • Dialogue Editing

  • Sound Effects Editing

  • Sound Design

  • ADR/Voice Over Recording

  • Foley Recording & Editing

  • Stereo & Broadcast Mixing 

  • Deliverables & Feedback


  • 5.1 Mixing (add on)

  • Musical Score I (add on)

  • Musical Score II (add on)



”Alex drew on his considerable experience of real world projects to illustrate points that arose. He pushed me hard and encouraged me to excel, while maintaining a sense of fun throughout. I would give these lessons the highest possible recommendation to anybody who is thinking of embarking on a career in audio post.”


Brian Lane Sound Designer & Composer


”Completing this course has provided me with an in-depth understanding of the audio post process, and the different roles within the industry. The instruction is clear and engaging. Building upon the techniques I have learned on this course, I feel confident moving forward into the next stage of my career.”


Jack Hughes Sound Designer & Composer


”When I first started, it

was a new world that I hadn't breached into much at all. I'd just messed around with synthesizers. Now I feel like I could pretty confidently go out and work with clients, take my field recorder with me everywhere, and create a

whole new universe between two speakers.


Georgia Fullalove Sound Designer & Engineer


Audio Post Production Studio in Manchester.

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