The Horrorphone


Scratches, scrapes and nightmare fuel.

Made in collaboration with Robert Pepper from EffectsWorks, The Horrorphone is a unique and disturbing cinematic Kontakt library built from 460+ sample recordings of a custom built percussion/effects instrument. Played with a bow, beater, and hands triggering the most horrifying and uncomfortable stingers, drones, hits and much, much more.

Note: The full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is required to use this library.


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460+ Samples, 48 Different Patches with Arpeggiator, Step Sequencer and ADSR.

Sound Sources

Custom built percussion/effects instrument, bow, beaters and much more.


Perfect for horror music, rhythmic tension, electronic music and film scores.

Industry Proven

This product has been used by industry professionals on Film, TV and Commercial projects.