REVIEW: Pro Sound Effects - The Odyssey Collection: Essentials 2019

Company: Pro Sound Effects

Product: The Odyssey Collection: Essentials.

Price: $1,195 for Freelancers.

$1,495 for Companies.

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Pro Sound Effects bring us a slimmed down version of the renowned Odyssey Collection, gathered from the personal library's of some of our industry's greatest Sound Designers.


Essentials is a selection of the best of the Odyssey Collection by Pro Sound Effects; it provides over 16.000 sounds divided into 285 categories. These sounds were recorded for specific high profile projects by renowned Hollywood Sound Designers Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson over the last 3 decades. As it's name claims, this library offers you a very good quality foundation of sounds to accent or use as your main general effects library. We have listened to every single sound to provide you the most comprehensive, impartial and detailed review. Odyssey includes 16,532 Sounds (156GB), a 1TB Hard Drive, Search Software and Online Access with a Royalty-Free Commercial License to use the effects.


It took 10,000 hours to edit the library and compile all of the required metadata to make the it accessible in a fast post production workflow, and the search terms are fairly logical. The included high quality 1TB Hard Drive is covered by guarantee for 3 years, and you can access the library online at anytime, which is perfect when freelancing at other facilities. The 16.532 royalty free WAV files include a combination of stereo, LCR, Quad and 5.1 recordings in a variety of formats: 24/96, 24/48, 16/48, 16/44. This variety is likely due to changes in technology over the years of recording, as well as the very specific needs of projects that these sounds were recorded for.

At 344, we are a big fan of libraries that have some dirt and character, and this library contains genuine field recordings that were captured with love. Many of the sounds on offer here will slot into a scene without too much processing. There is a fairly large tonal variety, some sounds being more reverberant with a thinner frequency response, and others sounding close and fuller. The overall quality is high however and these varieties can definitely work to your advantage in a lot of tracklay scenarios. Be prepared for certain effects to have some noise floor inherent within them.

One of this product's stronger points is that it contains sounds that Mangini and Anderson obviously felt were lacking in many other libraries, and therefore it can be a great secret weapon for finding more abstract and rarely captured effects. Some big standouts for us were the car movements on different surfaces, rocket bursts and the metal scrapes/squeaks. Just a couple of examples of sounds that were meticulously selected, recorded and designed in a unique way.

Make sure you read our 'Categories of Irresistible Effects' section below for our detailed analysis of each sound category.

Pushing It Further

Some areas for improvement in this library would be the large variety of channel formats included. For example, the mixture between Quad, LCR and 5.1 ambiences can limit your ability to tracklay quickly, as you will be duplicating channels or removing channels to keep consistency in your BG tracks. It would have been better to upmix some of these to 5.1, or just keep them as stereo files.

Some users with smaller overall libraries may find gaps within Essentials if they attempt to use it as their main general effects library, however it a great addition to other PSE products like Hybrid Library, which offer more generic effects, but with a larger cross section than Odyssey: Essentials offers.

The Bottom Line

Think of this library as the ultimate Sound Designer's personal library. Natural character and imperfections give this library the edge over general effects libraries. Perfect for those looking to augment their libraries with some unique and well crafted effects that cover a variety of categories.

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Categories of Irresistible Effects

Check out our verdict of each category in the library, so that you know what to expect:

Acid: A small selection of bubble and sizzle sounds.

Air: Useful airy sound effects from elements such as Sprays or Fire Extinguisher as well as pure air sounds, not including standard wind sounds that you can find in any library

Aircraft -

Gliders: A single sound effect that contains a lot of airy moaning and whistling sound.

Helicopters: Very good variety of helicopter sounds recorded from different perspectives.

Jets: A huge selection of jet related sounds.

Prop Planes: Good quantity of sounds from propeller planes.

Alarms: A basic selection of alarms that you might need for your projects.

Ambience -

Battle: If you are in need of military style ambiences, you will be happy with this selection.

Exotic: A good selection of exotic elements from different countries such as Mexico or Malaysia, the only downside of this selection is the length of most of the recordings, it would be ideal to have longer ambiences as most of them are shorter than 3 minutes.

Industrial: A fantastic number of industrial sounds.

Jungle: This selection will bring your jungles scenes to life! Most of the sounds have a great content of wild species. A few 5.1 effects are included in this section!

Misc: All the miscellaneous ambience that you will need will be probably found in this section.

Nautical: A fantastic selection.

Public Places: A huge variety of locations were used to capture these background sounds. People talking in different language would be a real bonus for this section.

Room Tones: Just a variety of tones!

Rural: Good for scenes that need simplicity.

Suburban: A nice selection of stereo and 5.1 ambience sound from relatively quiet environments. Other than that, there are a few other ambiences such as roller coaster or bank ambiences.

Technical: if you are working in a casino style movie, you will find a great selection of casino background sound.

Urban: The sound of big cities to bring your scenes to life!

Walla: A very natural selection of different types of environments such as Prisons or Nightclubs, useful for layering your atmospheres.

Amphibians: Has some very nice frogs and insects background sounds, however; some of them sound very similar.

Arrows: a nice and realistic sounding of arrows passing by, hitting the target and taking off from the crossbow.

Beeps: Just a great number of beep sounds!

Bells: Great variety of bells.

Birds -

Exotic: An extensive selection of birds sounds that you might not have heard before.

Land: This is the selection of birds that you find close to you if you are in an urban environment.

Misc: A few background sounds from a Barnyard and a very minimal selection of birds and winds.

Water: A good number of penguin, geese and seagulls captured from different perspectives.

Wing Flaps: Not the most realistic wing flaps in this selection.

Boats -

Bow Wash: Be careful with the water, these sounds are very close to you!

Misc: All the detailed sounds that you might need for your scene such as jet skis and boat creaks.

Motor Boat: Great selection of moving boats at different speeds.

Rowboats: Very nice and realistic sound different elements of rowboats and its impact with the water. Very realistic squeaking sound of the wood, useful to add the realistic textures.

Ships: This selection would be used if Titanic was being remade!

Submarines: A short selection of submarine/industrial sounds, nothing very special in here.

Breathing: Useful breathing content for projects that requires a very realistic touch. It also includes a couple of processed, washy breathing effects for horror movies.

Buzzers: An average selection of buzzer sounds, some of them are already designed for an specific location such as a prison yard or for an stadium, there are some limitations as these sound are already processed.

Camera: Very detailed capture of different sounds that a camera can make. This large selection will probably contain all the sounds that it needed from a different types of cameras, as well as other elements such as projectors.

Cartoon: This section has an extensive number of very useful cartoon style sound effects, it reminds me of my childhood!

Chains: A very extensive number of chain with variations, being rattled and hit on different types of surfaces.

Chairs -

Leather: No budget for foley? You can achieve a good sense of realism and texture by using this section if you come across any leather on your project.

Metal: A great selection of chair squeaks, chairs sliding and wheelchair sounds.

Misc: A selection of chairs sound not very commonly found, especially the theatre seat sounds, these stand out massively on this section as they give you all the quirks that you hear in a theatre.