REVIEW: Devious Machines - Pitch Monster

Company: Devious Machines

Product: Pitch Monster

Price: £59.99

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Pitch Monster is a new pitch-shifting plug-in from Devious Machines. With its granular, formant and robo-tastic vocoder engines, Pitch Monster goes far beyond ordinary pitch shifting. Pitch Monster offers the user up to 8 voices of polyphony across a 6-octave range. Each voice can have 8 voices of unison, giving you a maximum potential of 64 voices. This tool provides a huge amount of creative options when it comes to pitch processing.

Pitch Perfect

At the heart of this plugin are the 3 processing engines, granular, formant, and vocoder, each spreadable over pitch and time. The granular engine has a very smooth sound and is great for more basic pitch-shift effects, whilst the formant offers the more alien and otherworldly results. The vocoder engine is perfect for those robotized vocals and can be controlled by midi in real-time. The pitch/time spread features are great additions, and offer further possibilities for sonic exploration. Use them in tandem with the unison for fat, rich sounds that fill the stereo image. There are also dual high/low pass filters for further shaping and control.

Film/game audio designers will want to pick this product up, as it is perfect for sound design for the human voice. With a few clicks, you can easily transform a voice into a completely new gender or species. This plugins powerful formant engine also makes it well suited to designing robotic and metallic creature sounds and will be an extremely useful tool for sound designers working on sci-fi projects. Go extreme for the full robotic/alien effect, or be sparring to add subtle enhancement and presence. We think some really cool things could be done when mild processing is used in combination with filters, futz fx. For example the sound of an astronaut's radio communications, or a hologram transmission, etc.

As well as for use in sound design, Pitch Monster is great for use in electronic music production, or any style that involves a lot of vocal tracks. This plugin would also be a good option for live performance, given its vocoder and real-time midi capability.

This plugin responds well to a range of different sound sources and is great for adding a sense of movement to static elements of your track. Use it to on a mono synth to make chords, create pitch movements in hi-hats, or automate the pitch spread to create intense build-ups.

We will use this plugin to design crazy robotic/alien voice effects and to mangle sounds into new and exciting variations.

The Bottom Line

Pitch Monster packs a large number of features for its price, and the quality of the pitch shifting is very impressive. The effects that can be produced are fantastic, and the GUI is very easy to work with making this product suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Devious machine really have unleashed a true monster with this plugin!

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