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Company: Signum Audio

Product: Bute Limiter

Price: Stereo - £59 Surround - £99

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Bute Limiter provides high fidelity pro-audio limiting. Smooth and transparent with its True Peak Brickwall Limiter, you’ll find superior sound quality for use on a final master or individual tracks during mixing. We previously reviewed Bute Loudness Suite which includes the Limiter as part of it's punchy package.

No Limits

Bute limiter supports common mix formats from Stereo up to 10 channel Dolby Atmos. An algorithm was built from the ground up to ensure no true peak overshoots while retaining a transparent and smooth limiter sound. It includes a variety of release modes which are suitable for different types of music or mixes. Some of these include pumping, linear and transparent.

Of course, this plugin is ideal for Audio Post Studios and Sound Designers, and in our opinion is best paired with the entire Loudness Suite. Priced at the same level as budget limiters, you get a simple and intuitive tool that performs the same functions with the latest algorithms. It is also useful for mastering sound effects or music.

A Great Tool

Very little can be said to improve this limiter, it’s price point is excellent and it gets our recommendation for post production mixers who are mixing in surround or stereo formats.

It would be amazing to see the loudness analysis tools for LUFS implemented into the limiter, but that is a big stretch considering it's price point. You will need BUTE Loudness Analyser for that.

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