NEWS: The Haunting Of PottersField Gets Digital Release.

We are pleased to announce the digital release of the American horror film The Haunting Of Pottersfield, which is now available to watch on the online streaming platform ALTER. Our role on this film was Sound Designer.

The Haunting of Pottersfield, directed by Andre Dixon tells the story of two paranormal researchers that stay overnight in one of the most haunted places in the United States.

For our work on this film, we won the award for "Best Sound Design" at both the Independent Horror Movie Awards and the Independent Short Awards Los Angeles. As well as these accolades, we also won several other awards for our sound design work. Director Andre Dixon had this to say about our work "Alex is a master craftsman who pays attention to every detail and worked continuously with me to get me the sound I was looking for in my film."

Some of the comments on Facebook had this to say about the film. "Short and sweet (brilliant) I love these shorts that make you feel scared instead of long drawn out finger tapping moments in feature lengths" "This was a truly spooky short. Filled with genuine tension and every scare was well earned. Very deserving of a feature. Great job Andre and crew" "Holy Sh*t! That was scary AF! And I don't scare easily!"

You can check out the films IMDB page for more details:

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