NEWS: New Sound Effects Library From 344 Audio - Household Drones

We are pleased to announce our latest sound effects library - Household Drones. This library contains an assortment of 30 ambient drone effects constructed from common household objects.

This library contains 30 drones that will take you through a variety of different moods and atmospheres, and will work well for both sound design and musical applications.

To create these drone effects, we captured sounds from common household sources such as kettles, shower, microwaves and even a turntable. We manipulated these raw recordings with a variety of pitch-shift, modulation and filter effects. These were then further processed through reverbs and delays. We made an effort to include as much variation as possible in the drones, with some having a more positive tonality, and others being more dark and foreboding.

The sounds contained in this library are perfect for adding instant atmosphere and texture, and can be used to enhance tension, suspense or mystery. Use them in combination with background effects to create abstract and expansive soundscapes.

This library would also be great for game audio designers, as the drones can be used to add layers to ambiences in-game and create more interesting effects.

You can find Household Drones and the rest of our libraries in our store!

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