NEWS: New Sound Effects Library From 344 Audio - Conspiracy Theory

We are excited to announce the imminent release of our latest sound effects library Conspiracy Theory. This library contains a wide selection of dynamic and varied sound effects that are inspired by the sonic trends we have been observing in contemporary documentaries on streaming services.

At 344 Audio, we make a strong effort to stay up to date with sonic and cinematic trends we see emerging. After consuming various forms of factual content we identified some key sonic trends that seemed to crop up time and time again in contemporary documentaries.

Sounds such as rhythmic ticking, sharp and airy title stabs and glitchy radio effects were everywhere we looked, so we decided to create a collection of sounds based around these common trends.

We look at several documentaries as a reference for this library. These included The Last Dance, Cowspiracy, Inside Job, and Making a Murderer.

Sonic References for the library

Conspiracy theory is separated into several folders of different sounds. These sounds include low booms, rhythmic ticks, pads, radio voices, singing, pads, stabs, whistles, and production elements. All sounds have been created from both organic and digital sources to provide maximum versatility and variation.

Conspiracy theory is ideal for sound designers, editors, and composers, especially those who regularly work in factual or documetary content. The sounds contained in this library can be used to instantly add a cinematic edge to your productions, whilst intensifying the sense of excitement and mystery. Conspiracy Theory is also especially useful for designing opening titles sequences, and the stabs, ticks, and booms contained within would be right at home in a Netflix documentary.

We look forward to sharing this library with you and cant wait to hear what you create with it. Keep an eye on the 344 Audio store for the release:

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