NEWS: 344 Audio Takes Part In Instagram Live Discussion On Barbara 'A Batgirl Fan Film'.

Are you interested in how a Composer and Sound Designer discuss a project in pre-production?

Here's a video of Alex Gregson, lead audio craftsman at 344 Audio, and Sean Sumwalt, music composer discussing the pre-production stages of a project.

We were pleased to go live on Instagram to discuss our upcoming project BARBARA 'A Batgirl Fan Film' which is the sequel to Batman: Knightmare from B Square Productions. The film is directed by Brian Bowles, unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, he could join the live discussion.

Alex and Sean shared their approaches to the previous batman film and how they worked remotely in terms of sound design and music. They have also shared how they are going to use different techniques to bring the soundscape to the next level. A lot of viewers joined for the live session and commented that it was really helpful and informative for beginners and other people who like to know the stages of production in a film.

We are excited to join this action-packed project in bringing sound to life.

You can check out the teaser trailer for Barbara in the video below:

Stay tuned for more details about our upcoming projects. Thanks for reading.

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