NEWS: 344 Audio Sound Design Competition

Attention Sound Designers, 344 Audio wants to help you stay creative and make the most of your time during this lockdown period. That's why we are pleased to announce that we are launching a new sound design competition to engage and mobilise the community during this difficult time. This contest is for anyone who is looking to sharpen their skills and embrace a new creative challenge.


The world is now on lockdown and people cannot leave their house. The government has called upon sound designers to create soundscapes to help people cope with life indoors.

Using sounds gathered from around the house, create a 60-second soundscape that evokes a natural environment, outdoor space, weather system or another element of nature.

Some basic ideas could be...

- Waterfall - Underwater scene - The sonic perspective of a raincloud - Mystic forest We are not looking for realism here, but rather sonic experiences that will engage the listener's imagination and provide a connection to nature. The more creative and unexpected the better. We want to hear you turn your iron into a 10,000-foot volcano, or transform a leaky tap into a raging storm!

Submission Requirements

- Public Soundcloud link to your completed soundscape. (Please use wav or another lossless format)

- All entries must be named using the following format - 344 Audio Sound Design Contest Entry - "Your Name"

- Short Paragraph to explain workflow, methods and any other information you want us to know. (optional)

How to Enter

The entry requirements for the competition are extremely simple.

1.Like/share this post & the 344 Audio Instagram and Facebook page.

2. Subscribe to our mailing list (This is where the winner will be announced)

3. Create your soundscape and submit your SoundCloud links to with the subject line "344 Audio Sound Design Contest Entry - "Your Name" The deadline for submissions is 18/04/2020. Please note, only one submission per applicant will be accepted, so please submit your strongest work if you do decide to create multiple soundscapes.

Assessment Criteria

Your work will be assessed according to the following 4 criteria:

Completion of the brief - Did you deliver the brief as stated?

Originality - How creative/original have you been with your ideas?

Aesthetic Quality - Have you displayed confidence and flair in your sound creation? How well do the elements of your piece work as a whole?

Technical Quality - How well has the technical presentation of your work been? Was their clipping or distortion, clarity of mix, etc. This is why we recommend including a short write-up to accompany your submission. This not only gives extra context for what we are hearing but gives you a chance to highlight what you think the strongest areas of your work are.

What You Get

The winner will receive over 10GB of Sound Effects from the 344 Audio store, and a shout out on our blog!

2 runners up will receive our Low Frequency Elements Sound Effect library and a shout out on our blog!

We hope that you enjoy this competition, and we look forward to listening to your submissions.

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