NEWS: 344 Audio’s Alex Gregson Starts Non-Profit Organisation

344 Audio Founder Alex Gregson has started a new non-profit organisation called UKan. UKan is a guiding light that helps inspire and accelerate the path to success for young people that have an interest in pursuing a career in the creative industries.

UKan was devised after an article surfaced in the Guardian newspaper citing that ‘A third of film and TV producers are reporting a skills shortage’ in the UK. We started to research and understand why this is happening - there is a lack of knowledge on clear (and alternative) points of entry into these fields for young people. With the UK creative industries growing year after year, it's crucial that we inspire and champion the next wave of talent that are making their first steps into the industry. Not only to keep up with the demand for skilled people, but to keep the UK as the world leader for Film, TV, and media.

UKan is seeking input from creative professionals who want to get involved with the cause. This can either be through donations, or a small contribution of your time to get involved as a UKan Ambassador. Get in touch via Facebook Messenger @WeAreUKan to tell us how you’d like to help!

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