NEWS: 344 Audio Launches New Narrative Sound Design Show Reel.

We are delighted to share our new narrative sound design show reel with you all. This reel contains highlights from many of the narrative projects we have worked on, and greatly demonstrates the versatility of our team, as well as the expertise and consistent quality that we bring to each project we are involved with.

Our 2021 narrative sound design show reel shows off an array of projects that we have contributed our sonic expertise towards, and covers the full range of our services including dialogue editing, Foley, Sound Design, sound supervision, audio restoration, music composition and Mixing.

As with all show reels, it can be a fine balance between purely showing off our technical expertise, and delivering something that is engaging for the viewer. We feel that our new show reel achieves this balance perfectly, due in no small part to the stunning visual components taken from the amazing projects we have worked on.

We'd like to thank all of the directors we have worked with for entrusting us to carry out their sonic vision, and giving us the freedom to truly flex our muscles as audio post professionals.

Some of the projects that we have showcased in this reel include:

The Afterlife Bureau -

Batman: Kightmare -

From The Thunder -

The Seance -

Mad Lord -

Back To Square One -

Challenger -

The Haunting of Pottersfield -

Muse -

Farewell Waltz -

Destination Dewsbury -

American Dreamers -

Caretakers -

Broken Strings -

The Last Dance - We hope you enjoyed checking out this news post!

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