NEWS: 344 Audio Develop Industry Changing Software - VIRTUAL SOUND DESIGNER

We have a really big announcement to make. We have been working on a piece of software that will revolutionise filmmaking and the sound effects/design workflow in post production. This software is VIRTUAL SOUND DESIGNER.

A culmination of 5 years of solid work, testing and development have led to this creation, and now that it has been given the seal of approval by huge companies in Hollywood, it is time to share this with the world and not leave it in the hands of the elite.

No longer will you have to go through the creative process of developing sound effects and design for your films, as our AI system can analyse footage and search our huge online database to lay in sounds effects in sync with the picture, accurately synced and mixed. And it is compatible with every industry leading software from DAW audio editing systems to NLE video editing systems.

Click the following link to join our public beta, and take your film's sound design to the next level!