NEWS: 344 Audio Announces Sound Design Competition Winners.

We are pleased to announce that our sound design competition has now concluded and we have chosen a winner from the entries. The brief for this challenge was to design a scene inspired by nature using sounds gathered from common household sources.

Before we dive in we would like to start off by thanking all of our entries. It was such a great experience listening through all of your creations and seeing how you all interpreted the brief. There was some superb sound design on display across the board.

Runners Up

Our first runner up is Nicolas Titeux for his summer thunderstorm soundscape. We love the use of ripping paper as the thunderclap, and the accordion used to create the wind sounds.

Our second runner up is Gemma McAdam. This soundscape is also based off of a thunderstorm, but conveys a very different atmosphere. We love the use of distortion on the metallic sounds.

Congratulations to you both on being selected as runners up! Your prize is the Low Frequency Elements library from the 344 Audio store. We will contact you promptly with the details for your download.


Drum roll please...

Our competition winner is Vladimir Derevyanko for this stunning piece of work. The concept of this piece is "A magical forest inhabited by iron birds." Vladimir has completely nailed it with the sounds he has created, as you really feel like you are amongst an army of tiny mechanical birds when you are listening to this. Vladimir has clearly spent a lot of time thinking all of the different elements this piece through, and has been meticulous with his sound design.

Congratulations on being selected as the winner! Your prize comes in the form of 4 products from the 344 Audio store that add up a total of 10.2 GB of sounds. We will contact you promptly with the details for your download.

The products you have won are:

Alien Atmospheres -

Supernatural Ghosts -

Haunting Ambiences -

Trailer Instruments Designed -

Thanks again for everyone who took part and showed support for this competition. Its great to see the community is alive and staying creative during this challenging time. Stay safe!

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