ARTICLE: The Interesting History of Home Audio Systems

The Interesting History of Home Audio Systems 

Most of us today cannot live without music. Whether we are taking a break between tasks at the office or relaxing at home, we need to listen to music. Many of us even need music to concentrate on work. It has been more than 140 years now since Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, the home audio system has seen a major evolvement since then and has come a very long way. In the beginning, they were pretty big and had horns, but as the technology improved, the instrument got smaller and smaller and the quality of sound got better and better. Today you can listen to whatever music you can on high definition on devices like the Alexa powered echoor the HomePod directly, or also on your Bluetooth speakers.

However, the journey that the home audio systems took is long and an interesting one and those who love music and technology will love reading about how the home audio system evolved over the years.  From its inception as phonautograph in 1857, the home audio system improved with the invention of newer and better technology and the changes can be seen every other decade. This invention was an important one as the music came to live in every house and every business place. We cannot imagine life without our home audio systems, it has become an integral part of society. 

As beautiful as the gramophone from 1888 was and took the world by storm, the in-car radios from the 1950s revolutionized the music world totally. The ability to listen to music on the move was revolutionary. The headphones invented in 1958 brought a whole new revolution and later on in the 1980s we could see people moving around with their Walkman connected to headphones. Well, it is a long and exciting history, and instead of telling all about it in the introduction, we prefer letting you enjoy the history of how the home audio system evolved through this infographic from VPOnline.

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