ARTICLE: Designing Our New Sound Effects Library "Tick Tock"

We are excited to announce that we have begun work on the new sound effects library for the 344 Audio online store! The library is called Tick Tock and is based around ticking clock and timepiece sound effects.

The concept of this library is to have lots of ticking clock sounds of various shapes, sizes, and materials. This meant some very fun experimentation during recording, in which we created clock-like effects from as many different sources as we could find.

Some of the objects in our studio used as source sound for the library.

Sound sources included many antiques that we have, including old clock mechanisms made from brass, a stamp iron, and a vintage metronome and lots more. It was surprising to us how many common objects can be used to create interesting tick tock effects, so once we started recording we couldn't stop until we had tried just about everything in our possession.

The library will consist of loopable 1-minute sounds that have been designed from abstract objects into clock-like effects. We look forward to releasing this library and sharing our work with you all. If you enjoyed this article please check out our ultimate guide to audio post- production:

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