REVIEW: Tonsturm - Gusty Wind

Product: Gusty Wind

Company: Tonsturm

Price: $129 (Stereo)  $159 (5.0/Stereo)

Our Rating: 4.8/5

From smooth breeze to choppy gales, this library offers a wide dynamic range. You can experience amazing wind gusts evolving from silence to full storm level back to silence again.

Easy Breezy

Gusty Wind offers a wide variety of winds and a total of 5 hours+ of content. Recorded at 24Bit 96khz in the Norwegian wilderness with a Schoeps CCM2 rig and heavy wind protection, the quality of recordings is second to none. A whopping 25GB of content is included in the 5.0 version. There aren’t many wind libraries that have this level of depth, intimacy, and dynamics which combined allow you to really shape the wind in your mix. With many other wind sound effects, you are left with white noise content filling the frequency spectrum, while the tonal qualities of the breeze are too distant to sit well in the mix. Gusty Wind makes backgrounds tracklay a breeze with 5.0 recordings that have the depth and space to bring an exterior scene to life. To top it all off, Tonsturm have edited different intensity variations from some of the recordings.

More Rumble Please

While Gusty Wind truly stands out above other libraries, the inclusion of an LFE channel would have been a nice option. The library is also quite expensive for such a specific theme, but would be more than worth the investment for a film with lots of mountainous or snowy exteriors!

The Bottom Line

To all you sound designers out there who have ever known the struggle of finding that perfect wind sound or failing to record it yourself,  this library is for you. It's clear that a lot of time and expertise went into the making of this product. Price aside, this is a great little trick to have up your sleeve for projects to come, but don't take our word for it.  Check it out for yourself!


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