NEWS: 344 Audio Records The Rainforest

At 344 Audio we are always looking for unique opportunities to update our sound library. Recently we took a trip to the

Pacific Northwest United States where we explored new cities, beaches, and rainforests.

We were able to capture a ton of new sounds for our collection. From distinctive cross walk signals to the songs of the Pacific Tree Frog, there was something new waiting to be heard around every corner.

Some of our favorite recordings were from our time spent Hiking in La Push, a village on the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Olympic National Park has a very cinematic feel to it, lush and full of life yet dark and mysterious with trees that tower hundreds of feet above the ground, some estimated to be over 1,000 years old.

Something that really stood out in this ancient forest was how easy is was to capture clean recordings. Once we set off on a trail, there were no cars or planes to be heard. Aside from the occasional passerby, our recordings remained uninterrupted.

Overall, we had a successful trip for sound recording. While we were a bit disappointed that we couldn’t find any bears to record, we still look forward to sharing the sound effects we did manage to capture. Keep an eye out for updates and check out our recent vlog live from the rainforest where we offer some tips for field recording!

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