REVIEW: Dynaudio LYD-5

Audio Post Production Manchester

Company: Dynaudio

Product: LYD-5

Price: £399 (Each)

Our Rating: 4.3/5

Dynaudio recently sent over a pair of their LYD-5 Monitors to test in our studio. Their Scandinavian look and sound can be found in studios across the globe, encompassing a lot of what is expected from a mid-range near-field monitor, and more.

Dyna-look, Dyna-sound

Dynaudio have always had a reputation for great sounding monitors with a distinctive look (particularly their BM range). Post Production studios / Editing Rooms are often kitted out with surround systems that take advantage of their warm, low end heavy sound.

But Dynaudio are now faced with a dilemma, keep making the consistently popular BM range, or continue to develop new products for the next generation of Sound Engineers and Sound Designers?

Here comes the LYD range to the rescue with it's smallest member. LYD-5 is Dynaudio's answer to developing a product that is more marketable to the new wave Professional or Semi-Pro user who wants accurate detail in a small package. They look great in white, and really draw attention to themselves with their B&W aesthetic.

So how do they sound? Very forward. The stereo image is fantastic and really doesn't smear. The directional sounds in a music or post mix can be positioned with high accuracy. In terms of frequency response, they are quite similar to the Genelec 8030's, but with perhaps a less harsh response. They feel very close due to the presence range being upfront and focused, and a sound that is not very heavy in low end. Transient response is also accurate, clear and doesn't feel over pronounced. Larger models will be needed for extended frequency response without a sub.

The Bottom Line

Overall, LYD-5s are very different to our usual favourites, the HEDD Type 05s. But as we are currently building our second Sound Design room, we may pick some up so that we have an additional reference for mission critical film and commercial mixes. In this price range, alternatives would be HEDD, Genelec and Neumann.

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