NEWS: Lead Audio Craftsman Alex Gregson Trains at Pinewood Studios

Our Lead Audio Craftsman Alex Gregson was asked to visit Pinewood Studios last week to undergo training to become an Avid Certified Instructor for Pro Tools. This is part of a push to help enhance our education service, short courses, and his ability to service students at industry leading universities, by delivering Pro Tools certification courses.

The Inside Scoop

Avid HQ at Pinewood is situated right under the nose of film sets for James Bond, Star Wars and other major franchises. On this 5 day intensive course, Alex was trained under Emmy award winning Engineer and Pro Tools Expert Justin Fraser. He took part in lessons to develop teaching skills, a deeper knowledge of the Pro Tools engine and advanced workflows. A lot of which is only available on this course.

As well as this, other tutors present were experienced engineers in their own right, and travelled from across Europe to take part. Perhaps the most valuable part of the journey was the opportunity to present a lesson to the rest of the class. Overall, a further knowledge of Pro Tools and the networking opportunities of being in London and Pinewood were a massive benefit to us. The icing on the cake was being able to meet with remote clients in London that we have only previously skyped with!