REVIEW: Articulated Sounds - Magic Elements Vol. 1

Company: Articulated Sounds

Product: Magic Elements Vol. 1

Price: $119

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Box of Tricks

This epic box of tricks from Articulated Sounds contains a detailed collection of designed & source sounds of organic elements, actions, characters, items, spells & atmospheres in the realm of Magic. The designed section includes 326 sounds, while the source folder offers 444 individual elements for tweaking, all extensively metadata tagged and at 24Bit 96kHz. A total file size of almost 7GB. There are also glued and separated versions included, for some Sound Designers who prefer each effect variation to be a separate file.

The branding for this product is simply mind blowing, it could rival that of a video game, and really gives an impression of how much time was spent crafting this magical library. Articulated clearly have the best branding in the sound effects industry.

Merlin Would be Proud

As usual, the quality of effects here is wonderful. The sounds tend to work well in both magical scenarios, as well as the supernatural. We used them in a recent cinema commercial which was packed with superheroes, and files from multiple sections, including ice, earth and generic fit right into the mix. In one instance we used the ice effects to layer with design for a magical ink ball that was conjured up. The earth sounds are most practical, as they work well for earthquakes, or moments where you would like to let the audience know, the world is in trouble. There are plenty of variations which are crucial in a library like this.


One way that this library could have been improved is the variety on offer. Some more challenging elements like Water and 'Light Magic' would really give an extra flavour to the offering. We're sure that these are planned for Vol 2.

The Bottom Line

If you ever work with the supernatural, superhero, action or disaster movies, this library will surely compliment your palette. And it will do so with finesse, it has quality and quantity.

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