NEWS: 344 Audio Provide Sound Design and Mix for Motorpoint's new 'Super' Commercial Cam

With our new studio facility in full swing, we have been given some very exciting projects that are allowing us to try new ideas and flex our creative muscles. One of which was a recent campaign for Motorpoint which involved crafting custom sound effects and mix for a fun superhero themed commercial!

Audio Post Production Manchester

Lately we’ve talked a lot about the importance of pre-production, and this happens to be the perfect example. We took a call with the director Phil Hawkins and other departments at Equinox TV to get a good sense of which direction the project needed to go. After the call, we got to work and began building all of the superhero sound effects from the ground up. Telekinesis Woman and X-Ray Man were two challenging sound cues to get right, but since it was so early into the process, we were able to get quick feedback from the director which ensured that everything ran smoothly from concept to delivery. After this point we continued tweaking to ensure that the designed elements blended seamlessly with picture cuts and new VFX drafts from Flipbook Studio.

Motorpoint commented on the commercial: 'We are extremely pleased with the final execution and excited to see its impact over the coming weeks'. The campaign has gone live in Cinemas, TV and VOD across the UK and we're very happy to be part of it.

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