PRODUCT REVIEW: Sound Ex Machina - Rain City

Audio Post Production Manchester

Company: Sound X Machina

Product: Rain City

Price: $49

Rain City

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Sound Ex Machina are back with another awesome library - Rain City. The library aims to cover the interaction between rain and the objects around the city, and does so very effectively. The recordings feel intimate, and have a texture often missing with weather sounds. Certain files also include noise from machinery around them, so be aware of that. The files are provided at 24 Bit 96 kHz WAV and total 8GB and include 230 minutes of content. Metadata is extensive and the included info folder provides a very nice thankyou note.

The Bottom Line

If you work with film noir city scapes, or hyper real Sci-Fi city scenes, Rain City will be an invaluable tool for bringing the audience closer to your world. In terms of general weather effects, it still probably beats what you already have, so go grab it.

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