PRODUCT REVIEW: Klevgrand - DAW Cassette

Audio Post Production Manchester

Company: Klevgrand

Product: DAW Cassette

Price: AU/VST/AAX Version - $39.99

iOS Version - $12.99

DAW Cassette

Our Rating: 4.6/5

DAW Cassette allows Musicians, Sound Engineers and Sound Designers to process music and dialogue through a cassette tape emulation. As well as the ability to adjust the type of type (which really alters the effect), there is scope to adjust the playhead quality, tape quality, motor quality and noise level. It has a really gnarly sound, and could fool even the most hipster of cassette purists. Expect to use it in music mixing, dialogue futzing, Lo-Fi processing and general tape based madness. Building on their reputation from Brusfri, Klevgrand have brought another plugin to the market with a slick interface and even slicker sound. Here are some sound examples. Clean has no effects, Dirty has extreme settings, and Processed has moderate settings.

The Bottom Line

If you like walks on the beach, long vivid sunsets and high brow obsolete audio formats, you will love DAW Cassette. Just kidding, but seriously, if you are looking for that Lo-Fi sound, this is the plugin for you. Future updates could really enhance the interface and playability too.

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