REVIEW: SoundBits - Tiny Transitions

Company: SoundBits

Product: Tiny Transitions

Price: $39.60

Our Rating: 4.5/5

SoundBits' fun library Tiny Transitions takes the concept of their other 'Whoosh' based products, this time offering a less intrusive pallete.

Unzip and Whip

When opening the library, we were surprised by the myriad of samples, extensive enough to cover most bases within this theme. We put the library through it's paces in a Pixar style animation film we are currently working on.

The library provides stellar quality 96KHz 24Bit samples, neatly organised into folders for both the 'Designed Sounds' and the 'Source Sounds' with extensive metadata. 565 sounds are provided - carefully edited to allow for the rather compact size of 770MB.

As usual with the nature of whoosh libraries, users may find better results by trying out a bunch of sounds, rather than relying fully on metadata mining.

One thing noted by SoundBits when sending us the library was that they took some of our feedback on board from the previous product review - we mentioned that it may be a good idea to offer a library of some miniature whooshes; great plus for customer service!

Pocket Sized Punch

When listening, be prepared for cute, animated zips and whizzes - that work surprisingly well when layered with SoundBits 'Whooshes & Impacts' libraries. Definitely do not expect a thin and synthesized sound though, despite the title. This library has heaps of varied content, sounds akin to everything from dragonfly wings passing by to cyborg computer startup screens.

Offering the Source Sound content makes for a very generous package at the asking price, and offers a wider variety to users. So where would you use this? Simple. User interfaces, small creatures, robotic movement and layers to more aggressive libraries + more.

Tiny Transitions has that awesome signature SoundBits sound - well designed sonic glitter that has a clear base in reality somehow. The source sounds are painstakingly recorded with a Sonosax SX-R4+ and Sennheiser MKH8050+MKH30 M/S rig before the design begins deep in the SoundBits lab somewhere in Germany (you can feel that German accuracy and efficiency).

On the project we used the library on, it worked great for adding a little spark to duller moments, or offering a new layer to a deeper whoosh (our favourites are the LF_Whoosh sounds in Whooshes & Impacts 2). Another thing that is great about this library is the experimentation it encourages. It won't be the only layer in many cases but it will add that last piece of swagger that makes your clients smile in the studio.

Micro Aggressions

One small thing that bothers us about SoundBits libraries is the artwork. It is not bad artwork by any standard, but it really does undersell the content. Considering there are over 500 micro story moments on offer here the artwork doesn't reflect that - and I think it is something that SoundBits could look into improving to match how well designed their sound content is.

One more thing to suggest here, would be to split the elements into frequency content (like on Whooshes & Impacts 2). It's not really an issue because of the 'micro' nature of the sounds, but it would be a nice touch nonetheless.

The robotic creature like movement sounds in here are so unique and interesting that I would like to see a future library that focuses on small animal movements from SoundBits. Even though that is only one part of the content on offer here, it really does stand out as unique and new.

The Bottom Line

SoundBits libraries are always a no-brainer purchase as inspiration tools, and we will be using this extensively in more projects to cover UI, Sci-Fi, Animal and layered elements - go grab it today. You will find both expected and unexpected sounds here and the price is reasonable enough to warrant a purchase from most Sound Designers.

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