Sacrificial Chants

Sacrificial Chants.png

Demonic chants that will chill you to your bones.


Sacrificial Chants contains a vast collection of demonic chants and whispers in a range of ancient and forgotten languages. These devilish sounds will make a bone-chilling addition to your collection of horror sound effects and will be perfect for use in scenes involving demonic rituals, paranormal events, satanic worship and ancient tribal chants. Most of the sounds are provided dry.



995 MB, 30 Files.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

Sound Sources

Designed from male and female vocalizations speaking ancient languages.


Give your projects a demonic twist with these frightening and evil chants.

Industry Proven

This product has been used by industry professionals on Film, TV and Commercial projects.

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