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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

PRODUCT REVIEW: SampleTraxx - Stutter Matter

Company: SampleTraxx

Product: Stutter Matter

Price: $49

Our Rating: 4.7/5

SampleTraxx hit Sound Designers and Composers hard with their latest library - Stutter Matter. We are a big supporter of SampleTraxx, as each product has a family sound that sits well in mixes with minimal fuss.

Opening Our Copy

Stutter Matter comprises of over 180 sound effects totaling over 400Mb of content delivered in 24Bit 48kHz WAV. There are also 7 Kontakt multi instruments included, hosted within the popular Photosynthesis engine.

Files are separated into the following categories: Stutter Chopper, Stutter Filter, Stutter Reverse, Stutter Woosh, Stutter Sequences and Glitches, Unprocessed/Raw Stutter Elements, with a bonus folder - 40 Hi-Tech Hits.

As well as SampleTraxx shiny new re-branding, they have also put care and attention into the cover art and video walkthrough, which demonstrates how to use the product. There is also a free sound pack available for users who want to test out the quality of offerings here.

What Matters?

As with many other libraries from this vendor, there is a clear theme and outstanding execution throughout. Each section provides a variety of stutters and hit's which are useful in transitional film scenes, trailers and as sci-fi/horror stingers.

The Stutter Design folder offers a variety of jittery soundbites, while the Hi-Tech Hits offer some gnarly, crunchy, bit-crushed impacts, akin to glitch-hop meets movie trailer.

The Stutter Sequence folder offers up some ghostly robo-distortion movements, happily voicing a 'bad guy' robot or machine. Finally, the Stutter Kit Element provides subtle audio fragments, each carrying a unique flavour, for further experimentation - especially as UI sounds.

The implementation of the Kontakt instruments allows both Sound Designers and Composers to experiment with the built in Photosynthesis effects. Our personal favourite being the convolution engine, which when paired with Stutter Matter, is a force to be reckoned with for psychological weirdness.

As usual with SampleTraxx, most elements are heavily processed, and rightly so. Giving everybody from the amateur to seasoned professional a wonderful palette for painting sound tapestries.

What Stutters?

One thing that could really take SampleTraxx libraries to the next level, is a custom interface with advanced Kontakt features. We believe this would encourage users to pay more for the libraries, and get more mileage out of their Kontakt portions.

What SampleTraxx do well, is reasonably priced packs that cover a specific theme - maybe it's time for a huge library combining them all with a proprietary Kontakt implementation and competitive pricing for more advanced users.

The Bottom Line

SampleTraxx are one of the most consistent vendors we know of, and their libraries have a family sound. If you ever use stutter effects in your work, this is an extra weapon in your arsenal.

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