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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

REVIEW: Glitchedtones - Abstract Sound Design

Company: Glitchedtones

Product: Abstract Sound Design

Price: $12

Our Rating: 4.3/5

Glitchedtones are known for their ability to spark creativity with their cinematic and experimental Sound Libraries. Abstract Sound Design serves as a starting point for those initial idea phases.

Opening Our Copy

Glitchedtones have organised their samples into two folders, one for Atmospheres and one for FX. Everything here is neat and tidy, and the files have varying lengths provided in 24Bit 48kHz WAV with metadata - a total of 60 sounds. Even though the artwork does look self made, I think it serves the product well and matches the theme nicely, kudos.

Glitch Me Once

The value in this library is great in terms of quantity. The sounds weigh it at just $1 per 5 effects ($1 per 10 effects if you count the 50% discount currently running).

These sounds are very fitting to the kind of glitchyness and weirdness found in Psychological Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Trailers and even Modern Cinematic Hybrid Music. They could be a good counterpoint to visually distorted footage too. One reference point to the style of these would be Neill Blomkamp films where there is an element of future lo-fi and grit, tasty stuff.

How do they sound? Abstract. You wont find much here in terms of building blocks, but more the results of a loopy feedback Sound Design session from Glitchedtones. Perhaps something that may set your project apart for the price of $12. Especially if its an experimental 3D animation project with visual movement. Or a high end Sci-Fi that needs some extra 'edge'. The sounds are quite heavily processed too - more so towards the side of dynamics processing. The frequency content feels raw and dirty, but is without any quality issues.

Glitch Me Twice

The price here is great, but a couple of small niggles make this library less competitive than it could be. Considering the theme, you would think that providing the sounds in 96kHz would be a no brainer. Anything ambient/atmospheric in a Sound Library really should be at least 30-60 seconds long, and the shorter sounds leave users feeling like the focus was on quantity over length.

Bare in mind that this doesn't take away from the fresh content that this product delivers. We'll be using it for Psychological Thriller/Sci-Fi projects that come in, or when we want a layer to a transforming cyber duck with a plasma fuelled jetpack!

The Bottom Line

Great price, lots of bang for buck ($6 with the discount!) for brave souls that like to venture into the weird and wonderful projects often assigned to Sound Designers and Composers. Get 50% off Abstract Sound Design now while the offer is still available!

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