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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

REVIEW: Badlands Sound -Resonance

Company: Badlands Sound

Product: Resonance

Price: $12

Our Rating: 4.3/5

Badlands Sound never fail to bring smiles to Sound Designer's faces with their forward thinking, affordable libraries.

Opening Our Copy

Badlands like to organise their samples into one folder, which makes sense with their libraries being quite compact in terms of file numbers. Everything here is neat and tidy, each file all around 1 minute in duration. With a total of 25 minutes of content, all in stunning 24 Bit 96kHz WAV fidelity, this library is a must have for all you drone lovers. Every time we receive a Badlands library, the quality of the theme, marketing materials and sounds offer exceptional value (just look at that artwork). We put it through it's paces in a recent Horror film, which was very much grounded in reality, an interesting test for a drones library.

Pulsating, Ghostly, Ringing Tones

The 25 files on board this library cover a variety of styles and feelings, many quite simple and straight forward, minimal. The reason they are minimal however is because the quality is excellent and doesn't need to be masked with too many elements. Resonance is useful in many applications such as Sci-Fi, Horror and Psychological Thriller film scenes. Everything from pulsating tones to lift an extra terrestrial planet BG, to ringing akin to the presence of supernatural spirits.

What adds much more value for money and usefulness, is that the sounds were mostly created by manipulating voices. This gives them a certain context grounded in reality, which is where many Sci-Fi films are headed; this library would be useful in films like Arrival and Interstellar. It has that misty soft and juicy ethereal quality, which enhances otherwise static moments under dialogue and action. Everything here sits nicely, in a way that feels homemade and not overly processed.

Droning On

One thing that could have pushed the theme to the next level, is making it much bigger and breaking it down into sections relating to the sound source. Sections could include: voices, metals, liquids, plastics etc. This is definitely reflected in the price, and what you get is well worth a couple of coffees.

The content here is lush and consistent, adding an extra minute to each file would have also gone a long way to extend it's usage.

The Bottom Line

If you are a forward thinking Sound Designer, these will be a great asset in your toolbox for scenes bordering on the futuristic and supernatural, but it won't draw attention to itself. It is extremely well priced, yet with our discount code you will get an extra 30% off for a limited time!

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