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Manchester Based Audio Studio. Sound Design | Voice Over/ADR | Foley | 5.1 Mixing | Pro Tools | Education | Sound Effects Libraries

REVIEW: Sound Response - Binary Code

Company: Sound Response

Product: Binary Code

Price: $45

Our Rating: 4.3/5

Sound Response's latest product Binary Code helps further push their aesthetic for high end, futuristic sounding sample libraries with it's user interface theme.

Opening Our Copy

After opening our review copy, we put the library through its paces, using it to cover some infographics in a documentary. The library is split into three sections for easy sample searching, and sounds are numbered by their variation. They also have extensive metadata and are provided in 24Bit 96kHz WAV.

Due to the nature of these sounds - the metadata search terms can become mostly be irrelevant, listening and selecting multiple options in the 3 categories will provide more worthwhile results.

Cracking The Code

All of the content here is well selected. Nothing feels out of place and Sound Response took the time to make everything tidy for the user. It's a great time saving tool if you are working on an extensive Sci Fi scene, which has rooms of alien computers, robotic auto aiming plasma cannons and head up display systems.

It also works well in other contexts, things like video game menus, infographics and anything with a touch of futurism. The three sections on offer are Beeps, Readouts and Calculations, Typing, which offer enough variation to cover extended scenes with close up shots of an interface. The sounds on offer also have a decidedly chirpy tone, heavily processed with EQ to fit straight into your UI with ease.

The artwork gives an impression of what to expect (The Matrix and beyond) style granular and synthesised sounds, that mostly carry an almost positive and sometimes neutral connotation.

Zeros & Ones

One of our only criticisms to this library is that it doesn't cover every base for this theme. Sound Response should have included 'negative selection' sounds, alarms and more - it covers more of the general usage of sci fi devices and may not be enough to cover a whole film.

The neutrality of many of the sounds did mean that when placed in a non future themed documentary, it worked well on infographics.

While it's not a bad price point at more than 10 sounds per dollar (570+ sounds total), it would work better if it had less sounds per category and more categories to cover other UI necessities.

The Bottom Line

This Library is a great time saver for those excursions into the future with Sound. Be it in Film, Audiobook, Videogame, Documentary - these UI sounds have you covered. With our exclusive 30% discount code below (valid until Sunday 23rd April) , you will get this library at an exceptional value.

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