Data Processing

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Build your sound with raw data.


Data Processing is a sound effects library that emulates the movement of data and adds digital texture to your sound design.



464MB, 14 Minutes, 160 Files.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

electro Device

A large selection of digital and analogue devices help cut a sharp edge into your tracklay.

Sound Sources

Digital devices, analogue synthesizers, guitar pedals and raw data files.


A selection of digital and analogue delays build ringing and repeating tones.


Essential in any sound/music toolbox, for glitch, digital or tonal sound design.

Raw data

A category that will glitch, snap, crackle and transform in your mix.

Industry Proven

This product has been used by industry professionals on Film, TV and Commercial projects.

Analogue Synth

Modular synthesis emulates many recognisable data transfer devices.