Audio Post Production Template ULTIMATE Bundle

ADR Recording Template.png

The ultimate time saving tool.


Our Pro Tools session template bundle covers all areas of post production and includes:

  • Audio Post Template Ultimate Edition

  • Audio Post Template

  • Sound Effects Editing Template

  • Foley Recording Template

  • ADR Recording Template



Plug And PLAY

All of your required tracks with mix ready buses and I/O setup files.

Track Layouts

Industry standard track layouts will have you editing sound faster than before.


Monitoring in 5.1 or stereo with the click of a button, easier than ever before.

Plugin Presets

Presets are included as a starting point, using Avid Pro Series plugins.


Film/TV ready deliverables tracks for speedy internal laybacks.

Track Groups

Pre-configured track groups allow you to control your mix and navigate with ease.

Industry Proven

This bundle has been used by industry professionals on Film, TV and Commercial projects.


The included quick start guide will help you structure your session.